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How to sew an invisible zipper

How to sew an invisible zipper

Once mastered they are the quickest easiest zipper to install.

It sits inside the seam completely hidden with the only visible part being the pull tab at the top.  The invisible zipper is always installed before the seam is stitched.


It is always best to overlock or zig zag the seam edges first.

Press the zipper tape flat with your iron on a low setting.  Open the zipper.


1.  Place the right side of the open zipper onto the right side of the garment.  Make sure the zipper teeth are at least 1cm from the top edge.

The zipper teeth should be sitting along the stitch line with the tape toward the seam allowance.  Pin in place.


2.  Using your invisible zipper foot, stitch down as close as you can go to the zipper teeth as far down as you can go.


3. Pin other side of zipper to the other side of garment.


4.  Stitch right down on other side.  Trim off all hanging threads and close zipper.


5. Change the foot on your machine to your regular zipper foot.  Pin the remaining seam below the zipper together.  Starting just above where the stitching ends for your zipper, stitch down to the bottom.


6. Secure the bottom of the zipper tape to the seam allowance with a few stitches to hold in place.


7.  Turn to the right side and press flat.

How to sew a Fly Front Zipper

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