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I just received my copy of Home Sewn in the mail and I'm so excited!


This is a very cool book that I feel proud to have been a part of.

It's about the history of home sewing in New Zealand and profiles 10 leading NZ Fashion Designers, including me (I seriously can't believe I'm in there alongside such amazing talent! )

You get ten free patterns in the book, one from each designer.

* Company of Strangers

* Cybele

* Katie-Maree Cole

* Lela Jacobs

* Papercut Patterns

* Starfish

* TK Store

* twenty-seven names

* Vaughan Geeson


The book is released 22nd August and will be available for pre-sale on my (NEW) website in the next couple of days.

Yes that's right, I have a new website underway too!

the countdown begins...

the countdown begins...

Belle Skirt

Belle Skirt