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Wedding bells

Wedding bells

Well I think it's about time I give you all an update!

I'm back and through the majority of my massive catchup and nearly over my post holiday blues :(

I had an amazing time in Italy with my family and a beautiful wedding day. We managed to get a gorgeous sunny day in the heart of winter.

We were married in the most beautiful little 16th Century Chapel on my (now) husbands family property in Cannobio, Italy. It is the most picturesque little town with cobblestone roads right on the lake. I actually think I got my childhood fairytale wedding!


Two of my wonderful girlfriends came over and it was so fun to hang out together in Italy !  

There happened to be a massive market spanning the whole town the day after the wedding.  I was so grateful to have them there, Marco was NOT keen for shopping.  What is it with men and shopping??  It's fun!


but then he took me to Venice <3

Unfortunately a lot of my family and friends couldn't make it over to Italy,  so two weeks ago we had a second wedding here in NZ in my parents beautiful garden.  Yes, I got to do it all over again!

How lucky am I?  Two weddings, one in the heart of Winter and one in the heart of Summer.


It was so wonderful to have all of my family together.  I'm one of five children, so when we all get together it's pretty mad (in a good way).


and look at that happy little face.  How cute is he?!

So now I am officially Katie Romagnoli...twice!

Introducing Janina

Introducing Janina

Covent Garden

Covent Garden