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Kat's Bellatrix Blazer

Kat's Bellatrix Blazer

Happy 2014, everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday - I know I sure did :) Today I wanted to share another Bellatrix blazer with y'all - this one is from Kat, and it comes with an extra dose of awesome.


When I got an email from Katie asking me if I wanted to be a pattern tester for her new Constellation collection, I did a happy-dance in my chair at work (s subtly as possible, so as not to alarm colleagues to much) and immediately emailed back a rather enthusiastic 'YES!!!' in reply.  And then she sent through the drawings of the designs.  Oh my!  And I got to choose which to make?!?!  I wanted to make them all!!!!


But choices had to be made, and after agonising over it for a few hours  (seriously, you've  seen the new collection, right?  So many  pretties!) I landed on the Bellatrix blazer.  I'd been debating about trying my hand at making a blazer for a while, and I love the style of the Bellatrix - fitted waist (perfect for over 1950's dresses and skirts), low neckline, and the short version with the curved peplum at the back - how gorgeous is that?!  

I must admit, the welt pockets scared me a bit.  Welt pockets and I, we don't get along that well, and I was a bit nervous about messing these ones up.  No need to worry though, they're done in-seam (first time I've seen welt pockets done like  this), and the construction is absolutely genius.  Welt pockets without having to cut into your fabric or deal with those pesky little triangles than need stitched down.  Love 'em!  


The sleeve construction is great too - like expensive tailor made jackets, the sleeve cuff has a slight curve, lower at the top of your hand than underneath.  Such a small detail, but these sorts of things make such a difference in fit.

Making up the Bellatrix was remarkably easy and enjoyable.  Sure, it took a bit of time (coz, you know, it's a lined jacket), but the instructions were super easy to follow, and the way the lining and shell are put together at the same time made it all flow wonderfully.  You know how some patterns are just fun to make?  Yeah, this is one of those.  And the result - a fully lined jacket with tidy-as welt pockets.  One of those 'I can't believe I made this!' moments.  Gotta love that

I'm now considering which fabric to make the longer version in....  There will be more than one Bellatrix in my life, that's for sure!


I just love Kat's version of this blazer, especially with such a fun fabric. The addition of the piping at the collar and sleeves is pure genius, and really makes the blazer look extra special. Not to mention, it goes beautifully with her hair ;) If you'd like to read and see more about Kat's Bellatrix, head over to her blog!

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