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Brooke Tyson- Interview

Brooke Tyson- Interview

Hi everyone!

Last week with the launch of Brooke Tyson's gorgeous Clover Dress, we realised what a crime it is that you know nothing about the fabulous Brooke herself! So, we decided to ask her a few questions about her fashion brand, and what makes her tick. This collaboration with Brooke has been so exciting for us and we are SO PLEASED with all your wonderful feedback. We cannot wait to see all of your own creations of the Clover Dress!   

When did you realise that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I have always loved fashion and designing (I used to make pieces for myself all through college) but I'm not sure if I had pictured it as a career until one day I just decided I wanted to build a brand, starting small. Where I worked I was surrounded by talented sewers and girls that had just finished fashion degrees....It all evolved quite naturally from there. 

Describe the Brooke Tyson girl...

The Brooke Tyson girl is a Free Spirit. Someone confident, playful, and who enjoys experimenting with fashion and strongly knows her own style.

What inspires you?

Everything, anything! Being a really visual person helps me out... this SS14/15, came about looking at messy/complex relationships, "Heathers" (Winona Ryder and Christian Slater) was a starting point, then it led to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde and even Adam and Eve, the concept of doing anything for love... I always end up at a different place from where I started, but it's very satisfying to pull collections together at the end. 

Any tips you could you give a home sewer to get a professional look?

Its all in the right fabric for the garment/pattern and finishing of seams and pressing well is really important too.

What item of clothing should every woman have in their wardrobe?

I think a leather jacket, and right now I am really into leather pants, you can dress up and look killer or make more relaxed so easily.

Brooke, we love you. Thanks so much for sharing your designs with us, and being such a wonder to work with, you've made this so easy and enjoyable! 

Much love,

Papercut x

You can connect with Brooke here: Facebook * Instagram * Pinterest

New Studio Celebration Sale!

New Studio Celebration Sale!

NEW pattern out now! The Clover Dress!

NEW pattern out now! The Clover Dress!